Walk Signal

“You know, these things are on algorithms according to the flow of traffic and time of day and population in this neighborhood and… ” she didn’t hear the rest of what he was saying because she’d already decided to push the button anyway.

They stood in the cement island sanctuary of a 6 lane thoroughfare going both directions. She had her camera in hand, and he was meant to be her eyes while she gathered evidence, not his own mouth.

“I don’t remember asking for your mathematical input on why crosswalks work and don’t work within city limits. I’m only asking you here to make sure no one sees what I’m about to do. Can you do that for me?” She had turned her face up towards his, he’d not really stopped talking, until he noticed her stance. He then looked down.

“Yes, Princess Paranoid Pants? You rang?” He smirked. She returned to her notes.

“It says I have to hit this button 4 times, pause for 1 second, then 4 more times. And if I don’t get it just right, it won’t work.” She started to stance herself like a golfer.

4 times.
4 times.

The ground dropped out underneath them, even though their feet were still on the ground.