“But our tools, captain. How can we do anything without our tools?” The ensign seemed a bit out of breath, just from exasperation.

“Not exactly, ensign. The one thing I’ve learned about warfare, hide a knife where they won’t look!” The captain then proceeded to reach his hand into his pants and produce a small pocket knife. He had the biggest grin on his face whenever he pulled one over on his enemy. This was a face I’d seen multiple times. I just sat back waiting for the show.

These kids were green behind the ears, still. They were new recruits from back at the base, and this was the new program to keep the army brats out of trouble.

“We are surrounded by tools, we just now have to make them!” And he proceeded to hack at the bamboo that was growing rampant outside our human cage. I was silent as he eyed me for back-up. I figured he’d put himself in this mess, he should get himself out of it.

“A little help here, mate?” He looked in my direction.

“Hey, man, YOU started this!” I said, walking towards the front of the crowd, feeling my own pocket knife in my pants.