The Choir

“Down in front… down in FRONT!” He growled.

“Oooh golly, sorry!” I ducked down, making sure he could see ahead of me.

“The director says to sing to the cement. If we sing, we will grow taller! I think I need to be taller!” He said.

I looked at my sister, she gawked back at me with disdain. We were already bored. This was usually the time we’d start planning our escape. I had a few things dinking around already, we just had to get dude talking for a long period of time…..

and Bingo! Idea!

“So, what’s your theory on our purpose here in this grass bed….” I almost giggled with pride at my genius.

“Well, the dandelion poof has been around since the beginning of time, helping spread the word of our species through germination and other some such………”

We were minutes away from escape…


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