Not Blackberries



noun: blackberry; plural noun: blackberries

1. an edible soft fruit, consisting of a cluster of soft purple-black drupelets.

2. the prickly climbing shrub of the rose family that bears this fruit and that grows extensively in the wild.


verb: blackberry;
3rd person present: blackberries;
past tense: blackberried;
past participle: blackberried;
gerund or present participle: blackberrying

1. gather blackberries in the wild.


noun: BlackBerry; plural noun: BlackBerries

1. trademark
a handheld mobile device that provides Internet access along with e-mail, telephone, and text messaging services.


verb: BlackBerry;
3rd person present: BlackBerries;
gerund or present participle: BlackBerrying;
past tense: BlackBerried;
past participle: BlackBerried

1. communicate with (someone) using a BlackBerry device.
“I was BlackBerrying them while the speech was going on”


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