Broken Cable Box

The faceplate dangled by it’s cords, and I had NO IDEA how to fix it. I wasn’t even supposed to be in the area, it was restricted access and I was the one whom it was restricting. My heart started racing with all of the possibilities and consequences.

*”We’ve lost all power! Evasive maneuvers!…” as we wove in and out of the asteroid field.
“How could you have done this to us, Jack?” The Captain glowered at me as I skulked away…*

*”I can’t get anything to work properly! What did you do this time, Jack?” the Captain aimed the accusation from across the ship.*

*”NOW WHAT!?!” the Captain growled from his chair.*

The Captain walked past, reached across my shoulder, and popped the plate back onto the electrical box. He looked calmly at me, grunted, and moved on.

I guess that’s how it gets fixed.


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