Little Lion Man

“Guardian lions are referred to in various ways depending on language and context. In Chinese they are traditionally called simply shi (獅, Pinyin: shī) meaning lion — the word shi itself is thought to be derived from the Persian word šer.[2] Lions were first presented to the Han court by emissaries from Central Asia and Persia, and by the sixth century AD they were already popularly depicted as guardian figures.[3] Today the guardian lions are more usually specified by reference to the medium or material, for example:

Stone lion (石獅, Pinyin: Shíshī): for a stone sculpture; or
Bronze lion (銅獅, Pinyin: Tóngshī): for a bronze sculpture
and less commonly:

Auspicious lion (瑞獅, Pinyin: Ruìshī): referring to the Tibetan Snow Lion or good fortune
Fortuitous lion (福獅, Pinyin: fúshī)[citation needed]: referring to good fortune
Buddha’s or Buddhist lion (佛獅, Pinyin: fóshī)[citation needed]: referring in a religious context to the lion as protector of Buddha.”

*Taken from Wikipedia.


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