Hello, My Name is Oregon

“…. and if you turn to page 32 of your course packet, you’ll see the schedule of events for this conference…” his voice trailed off in her attention span. She was already bored. This stupid conference might be the straw to break the cubicle camel’s back.

On page 32 she read about all the things happening at this city’s Convention Center in the small rooms where the stackable chairs locked together forming rows facing a podium where suited men and women presented facts and showed them all their dedicated display created in PowerPoint.

Why did they all choose to use Comic Sans?

She couldn’t do it anymore. The giant meeting let out and she escaped to the outer world from a side door hiding in the corner. She pulled off the nametag and high-fived it on the nearest municipal sign.

“Yeah! That’s what you GET for being there!”

And releasing her boredom, she ran off.


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