Dead Leaves

The leaves crunched underneath our feet.

“It’s over here, I’m starting to remember.” He was stomping ahead in excitement, but the sun was barely breaking through the tree cover so I couldn’t walk as quickly.

“Wait, I feel like I might trip! Don’t get too far away, please.” But he never listened to me anyway, I don’t know why I even tried anymore.

He was gone. I’d looked down to adjust my shoe and popped my head up and he wasn’t there. What. The. Hell.

“Steve! STEVE!”

A few birds flew up and startled me as I kept walking straight ahead. I hated when he did this to me.

I kept trudging along, we were losing light. I yelled his name again. I heard movement a little ways ahead of me so I walked toward it. And then I realized it sounded much larger than a human being.

And then I heard a motor, and a siren. And then ALL the birds flew up from the ground.

And there was Steve driving an old fire engine.

“See! Told you it was back here somewhere…”


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