Illuminated Entrance

He walked over to her, anxious about the reply.

“Do you want to come with me to ph-photograph an abandoned b-building I saw yesterday?” He stammered because his heart was racing in his throat and he was sure she would say no.

“You’re a photographer?!” She turned towards him, her big blue eyes staring right into his.

He wasn’t expecting this response, he wasn’t prepared for this.

“Well, yeah, not too often. I get my homework done first.”

She giggled. It was like music.

“Yes! I want to see what you want to show me. I think that would fun!” She giggled again.


One thought on “Illuminated Entrance

  1. I found you! I’m the artist sharing space with you and Larry at AYBLA in Hillsboro. Have enjoyed looking at your photos. Larry has taught you well. The eye of a photographer.

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